Movie Review: David 2013

Namta Gupta
February 1, 2013 - 18:16 hrs

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David is a movie by Bejoy Nambiar, the same director whose last movie 'Shaitaan' was critically acclaimed and had garnered him much praise. Watching David on big screen will make you curious of as to what makes him choose such unusual stories. The story he had chosen last time was rather raw, here there are actually three stories that provoke you and keep you on the edge.

'Different' is the only word that can be used to describe his cinema and the cinema of Ram Gopal Verma and Anurag Kashyap. This movie begins in 1975 London with David (Neil Nitin Mukesh), who receives much love from a gangster named Iqbal Ghani. This David would do everything for this dreaded criminal. The story of second David (Vinay Virmani) is set in the year 1999. This 19-year old boy loves music and is just like any teenager of his age but a tragedy strikes when his Catholic Christian family is accused of conversion. The third David (Vikram) is a 40-year old fisherman based in Goa and in love with a deaf and mute woman named Roma (Isha Sharwani) who is engaged to his best friend. He is a man who nurses a grudge against female form and pours his heart out in front of a parlor owner Frenny (Tabu). This David was jilted at the altar by his intended and since then bitterness has encapsulated him. How the three Davids'; play their final gamble and try to change their lives is what this movie is about.

The acting talent is simply brilliant; Neil is handsome and brooding. Vikram is a star that our industry shall soon discover. Vinay has a raw energy and can look defeated and motivated with equal Elan. Tabu as the friendly parlor owner oozes a natural talent which is so hard to find these days. Isha Sharwani does justice to her small but rather significant role. Lara is just about average (she looked plump and meaty and that is no compliment for an ex-Miss Universe!) and Monica Dogra has played her part well but had she worked as hard on her acting as she had on her caked face then she may truly would have outshined other girls in this movie. The direction is, as expected, brilliant. The scriptwriting is crisp and editing is clean which are two major requirements of movies such genre. The music is also a major reason why you will like this movie. 'Damadam'; is not the only song that will make you tap your feet and the Goan melodies would transport you to the climes of this sea-kissed land. So, what is the grouse for giving just a decent rating, you may ask? Well! The three stories do not quiet connect in the end. The ending looks a bit placid and lacks the raw nerve with which the narrative had begun. Except the name and the miseries there are hardly any common factors that could hold these three very different and very delicious stories together and it is here that Bejoy fails you. But watching this movie once would not harm you. Go and enjoy.

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