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Abhishek Bhardwaj Reviews Amit Sahni Ki List
RMH Rating:1.5/10
Overall Rating:3/10
Views: 110 | Ratings: 2

Romance is for all seasons and the audience never complains about its overdose because it works everytime, if and only if you make it well. Most of the times, films in this genre fail due to fault in its writing and concept, and not really the stars. The problem with Amit Sahni Ki List is that it points to a story and characters but never really introduces the audience ...

Abhishek Bhardwaj Reviews Hate Story 2
RMH Rating:2/10
Overall Rating:3.5/10
Views: 257 | Ratings: 2

It is one thing to be daring and another thing to wrap silly things in the foil of bravery. Hate Story 2 much like its first installment is a revenge tale along with a dose of erotica, and thrown in a reworked yesteryear's romantic number - Aaj fir tumpe from Dayavan. Alas! all that falls flat as the narrative and performance do...

Deepti Kanojia Reviews Hate Story 2
RMH Rating:5/10
Overall Rating: